The Face Behind The Camera


A mother. A  wife.  A sister and a friend.  I love to laugh and say it like it is. I don’t sugar coat things, and I hate onions. Diet Pepsi is my addiction.  I’m all about scarves and boots in the winter, flip flops and painted toes in the summer. I bathe more than I shower, and my water is so hot, it turns my skin pink.  I love to decorate, and completely redesign my home every other month!  I am a handy woman and own my own tools, including a table saw.  I built my own bed (five years ago now and it’s still standing strong!)  Cooking and doing laundry are not my strengths.  Everything either burns, turns into soup, or shrinks!  I am always misplacing my keys…and my purse…and my brain never shuts off.  My husband is my rock.  We couldn’t be more opposite if we tried!  (He and I are the true definition of the old saying ‘opposites attract’.)  I love to jam out in my car, and dance while I drive, even though I know people can see me. Sometimes the kids like to play along…sometimes they pretend I embarrass them.

I love being creative.  I love smiles.  I love LOVE.

Photography is my release.  When I am sad, I want to take photos.  When I am mad, I want to be alone with my camera.  When I am bored, I want to shoot something.  Creating beautiful photos makes me giddy – and it shows in my shoots.  I tend to skip around, and shout out, “YES!  That’s it!” quite frequently during my sessions. I love to make people feel pretty. And loved. I love to bring out the passion in life and capture the real love between couples.  Candid moments are my sweet spot.

I love chocolate, and ice cream.  And Diet Pepsi.

I am Aimee Lee.