Arches National Park, a few of their most favorite loved ones, some succulents and sunlight.  This was probably one of the.most.perfect intimate wedding ceremonies I have ever been a part of.  Dom absolutely adores Laurel – you can see it all over his face.  And her dress.  Oooohhhh, her dress!  Blush in color with a back meant to turn heads.  Laurel looked amazing in that dress! If I could relive this wedding day once a year every year for the rest of my days, I would not even cry about it.

I have been so in love with the airy, fresh feel of Southern Utah’s white rocks lately!  Not gonna lie, I was pretty stoked when this cute couple wanted to shoot there.  It’s a shame I won’t be able to travel for their wedding in the Newport Beach Temple in September.  I loved shooting Taylor and Savannah!  Their love is so fresh and real.  This one’s definitely going to stand the test of time.  I can feel it.

And can we talk about her freckles?!?  Why don’t mine look this lovely?!?

Brooke and Dillon are about to celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary, and they are still so much in love with each other it’s disgusting.  Ok, so it’s not really disgusting, but you feel me.

Their wedding day was filled – and I mean filled – with rain.  They embraced it though and their photos were beautiful, but their photographer had her work cut out for her!  Shortly after their wedding, on a bright, warm sun-shiney day, I took them out for a small formal session so they could have some photos of the two of them in their wedding attire, dry. 

Today, we took them out again to capture their growth after two years of marriage.  Their hair styles and clothing may have changed, but these two are clearly still very much in love and super giddy about each other.  I just adore them!

There’s this new group here in town call the Let’s Click Society, and it’s going to be pretty rad.  OK, so maybe it’s already pretty rad, but I can tell it’s going to become radder.  Is that even a word?

Let’s Click Society is ran by two local photograpHERs who strongly support #communityovercompetition.  Last night, they put on their very first styled shoot, and I tagged along.  Let me just tell you, last night was suuuuper hot!  We’re talkin’ melt-the-bottom-of-your-special-Old-Navy-flip-flops-to-the-asphault hot.  But that didn’t stop us.

Sponsered by Bohme, our models were pretty decked out.  And today, all I’ve wanted to do was go shopping!

If you are a professional photographer – local to Saint George or not – be sure to check out Let’s Click Society.  You don’t want to miss out!

Since I’ve been on maternity leave, I haven’t shot as much as I would normally, and it’s starting to really tear me apart.  I miss my camera.  I miss the thrill of getting the shot.  I miss how giddy I get when everything is going just as I imagine.  I miss…photography.

Don’t get me wrong, I love – love – this little babe of mine more than words can say, I just need to get out and be creative and let my juices fly!

So, I did.  And I am loving every single bit of this session!  The hike into Snow Canyon Park was a bit hot (note to self: scope out the location before dragging the model along!), but it was worth it in the end.  Miss Nikki is a natural in front of the camera.  And her eyes – hello! Her make up was done by the fabulous MaskCara and was absolutely flawless, even after a 30 minute hike in the hot sun! And that bouquet…ohhh…that bouquet!  Jocelyn’s Floral knocked it out of the park with this one! The dress (which is actually my maternity dress!  The fabric is so lovely and stretchy, that it even fits Nikki’s tiny body.) is from Sew Trendy Accessories.

Check it.