Saint George Wedding Photographer | Lichfield Ponds | Bradley Loves Jordin

I first met Jordin and Bradley (BJ) when they hired me to photograph their baby baking in Miss Jordin’s belly.  I later photographed their newborn, Maddix, various family sessions, Max’s first birthday, then their engagements, Jordin’s gorgeous bridals and now their wedding.  Needless to say, they have become more to me than photography clients.  They are my friends.  Very dear to my heart, friends.  I have watched them grow from young, expecting parents into mature adults, raising an adorable little man and planning their future together.

Photographing their wedding was more touching than any wedding I have ever had the privilege of capturing.  Bradley loves Jordin more than anything on this earth.  He wants nothing more than for her to be happy, and for their little family to grow together, and it shows.  I bawled when ‘Little Jordin’ walked down the isle, then again as they exchanged their vows.  The tears still silently trickled down my cheeks as I watched BJ kiss Jordin for the first time as his wife.  I have never seen a more meaningful first kiss in all my 9 years of being a photographer!  It was as if they were in their own little world, and the seats for their ceremony guests were empty.  Bradley kissed her slow and sweet, then pulled back and just stared at her for a good 10 seconds, as if he wanted to soak in every aspect of that moment.  Then he kissed her again, as if he was kissing her as his wife for the first time all over again.

And I bawled even more!

I don’t think there has ever been a ceremony where I haven’t choked up as the bride walked down the isle, or when the bride and groom make their sacred vows to each other, but this wedding….man.  I am so proud of my friend, Little Jordin and her husband Bradley for the growth they have made over the years.  I am ever so grateful to have become their chosen photographer for all their big life moments.  And I am more than thankful for the friendships I have gained having photographed Jordin, Bradley and Maddix for the past almost 4 years.  They are my most favorite people.

And this just might very well have been my most favorite wedding.

Take a peek and see for yourself.  Wedding Planning and styling done by the amazing Forevermore Events.  Located at Lichfield Pond.