St. George Photographer | Creative Shoot | Fur Coats and Tulle

I’ve been known on occasion to stalk beautiful people on social media sites – in a very non-creepy way.  Miss Jessica was one of my most recent obsessions.  She’s absolutely gorgeous!

I finally asked her one day if she would be interested in letting me shoot her, and she said yes!  I was absolutely ecstatic!  I dressed her up in a giant, puffy tulle skirt and a super soft fur coat, then reqruited the amazing Julie Thomas at Blow Beauty for hair and make-up, and the results were magical!  Just as I suspected, Jessica was a dream to shoot.  She a natural beauty and was so comfortable in front of my camera.  Jessica and I had a ball!  We hiked black lava rock (those photos will be shared later), laughed until I almost peed my pants (literally) and stumbled upon a beautiful new location for shoots.

Check it.

You can find information on the talented Julie Thomas by clicking for Facebook  and Instagram, as well as all the amazing Blow Beauty artists on Facebook and Instagram.