Utah Love Photographer | Anniversary Photos | Brooke & Dillon’s #2

Brooke and Dillon are about to celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary, and they are still so much in love with each other it’s disgusting.  Ok, so it’s not really disgusting, but you feel me.

Their wedding day was filled – and I mean filled – with rain.  They embraced it though and their photos were beautiful, but their photographer had her work cut out for her!  Shortly after their wedding, on a bright, warm sun-shiney day, I took them out for a small formal session so they could have some photos of the two of them in their wedding attire, dry. 

Today, we took them out again to capture their growth after two years of marriage.  Their hair styles and clothing may have changed, but these two are clearly still very much in love and super giddy about each other.  I just adore them!