Utah Photographer | Bohme Creative Shoot | Let’s Click Society

There’s this new group here in town call the Let’s Click Society, and it’s going to be pretty rad.  OK, so maybe it’s already pretty rad, but I can tell it’s going to become radder.  Is that even a word?

Let’s Click Society is ran by two local photograpHERs who strongly support #communityovercompetition.  Last night, they put on their very first styled shoot, and I tagged along.  Let me just tell you, last night was suuuuper hot!  We’re talkin’ melt-the-bottom-of-your-special-Old-Navy-flip-flops-to-the-asphault hot.  But that didn’t stop us.

Sponsered by Bohme, our models were pretty decked out.  And today, all I’ve wanted to do was go shopping!

If you are a professional photographer – local to Saint George or not – be sure to check out Let’s Click Society.  You don’t want to miss out!