Utah Wedding Photographer | Bonneville Salt Flats | Brooklyn

I suppose you could say I have a small ‘Bucket List’ of places in Salt Lake City that I want to shoot.  They’re nothing super magical really, just little spots I have found or heard about through other photographers that I think would be fun to experience shooting there at least once.

The Bonneville Salt Flats – or as most people call them, simply The Salt Flats – is one of these places.  I’m sure at least 50% of the state’s northern population has been here, and about 85% of the area’s professional photographers have shot here.  But me?  Naw…I grew up in good ol’ SLC and had never even been there.  Yeah, I’ve driven past it a few times on my way out to Wendover, but that’s the closest I have ever been.


Yes folks, I can finally check The Salt Flats off of my Bucket List.  And I must say, it was as grand as I had always imagined it would be!  The Salt Flats are so beautiful and so simple and so….white!  It’s a photographer’s dream location really.  Or, at least, my dream location.  I most definitely hope to shoot there many, many more times!

Annnnd, on to Brooklyn.  Is’t she amazingly, flawlessly beautiful?!?  I loved shooting her.  This was the first time I had ever met Brooklyn and she was picked by my photographer friend Megan who put this whole shoot together.  See, Brooklyn is a pretend bride.  Just a regular old run of the mill every day Joe like you and me that we turned into a model.  (pretty good, right?)  But be sure to stay tuned.  This creative shoot was so amazing that I had to break my photos up in to four different blog posts – FOUR!  We’ll introduce our “groom”, then show off all of the lovely details, and finish with a giant surprise for everyone – even me!

Hats off to Lilac Floral for all this gorgeous flower beauty.