Utah Wedding Photographer |Salt Flats, Salt Lake City | Formals With Brooklyn and Devin

Have you seen the bridal portion of this shoot yet?!? If not, you need to check it out!

To recap, my photographer friend Megan teamed up with some pretty awesome vendors to do a creative shoot out at the Bonneville Salt Flats, which we lovingly named the Keyhole to the Stars.  We started with our bride, then introduced our groom for a whole formal section of the shoot, which you will see here.  Brooklyn and Devin are a real life couple, however, the two of them are not married – in fact, they aren’t even engaged!  But Devin was such a sport and played along with us anyway.  At first, I was so touched and slightly surprised that a man would do this with his girlfriend – my husband won’t even do this for me!

But, be sure to stick around because the fourth blog post will show you as to why Sir Devin was so eager to model for us!

Thanks again to Lilac Floral for the beautiful flowers!